Douglas Library of Hebron

Meeting Rooms

There are two meeting rooms available for public use by groups.

  • Community Room (capacity not to exceed 200 people)
  • Board Room (capacity not to exceed 15 people)

Meeting rooms are generally available during normal library operating hours. Meeting room use may extend beyond normal operating hours provided that prior arrangements have been made with the Director or authorized representative and provided that the meeting began during normal library operating hours.

When the meeting rooms are not needed for library activities, nonprofit organizations headquartered in Hebron and/or serving the Hebron community may apply for use of the meeting rooms for educations, civic, and/or cultural programs intended for and open to the public. No commercial or private use of the meeting rooms are permitted.

The standard fee for use of the meeting room beyond normal library operating hours for Hebron Community organizations or other non-profit organizations in the Hebron Community will be as follows:

  • Meeting rooms $25 per hour
  • Use of kitchen $25

Non-Library related organizations may not use the Community Room more than four times in a calendar year.

General Rules and Limitations

  1. Groups using the meeting rooms will be responsible for:
    • Setting up chairs, tables, etc. and putting them away after the meeting;
    • Proper adult supervision;
    • Restoring the meeting room to the same condition in which it was found;
    • Costs arising from any damage or loss during use.
  2. Smoking, alcoholic beverages, and gambling is strictly prohibited in the meeting rooms.
  3. No admission charge or tuition may be required.
  4. No products or services may be sold.
  5. Personal information from program attendees may not be solicited.
  6. Reservations for the meeting rooms may be made up to one year in advance.
  7. If a group requires audio-visual equipment, the user must be thoroughly trained and be held responsible for any damage to hardware or software.
  8. Groups using video cassettes/DVD’s in the meeting rooms must secure all necessary performance rights or agree to indemnify the library for any failure on their part to do so.
  9. No materials may be affixed to wall surfaces.
  10. The name, address, and phone number of the Douglas Library may not be used as the official address of any group or organization using the meeting rooms nor may any non-library group using the meeting rooms publicize its activities in such a way as to imply library sponsorship.
  11. Any individual or group that uses the meeting rooms pursuant to these rules agrees to indemnify and to render the Douglas Library, its Board of Trustees, and its employees harmless from any and all claims, actions, causes of actions of any kind which may arise out of the use of the meeting rooms by such individual or group.