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New Books for KidsĀ  - January 27th 1999

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Februrary 5th (Saturday) is the Bubblemania Program with Casey Carle!

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- A learning center for young astronomers. In-depth information about galaxies and our solar system. Great photographs!
Discovery Channel Online - Your favorite TV channel's Web site. Fantastic information on animals, space, Earth, and so much more.
PBS Online - A great resource for finding information about scientific studies with NOVA. You can also find BigBird and Elmo here.
NASA on the Web - All the information you could possibly handle on the space missions, Discovery shuttle, trips to Mars, and more. National Geographic Magazine - Information on exciting adventures to far-away places. Lewis and Clark online camp tour, journeys to Alaska, and the Moon.
Monster Math - Pretty scary stuff over here. Get help with those tough counting questions and addition. Kids Educational Activity Center - Math games, singing games, and stories to help you learn quickly.
School House Rock - Learn about Math the fun way with animated cartoons and great online activities to play with friends. - All the news that is fit for kids. Everything is easy to understand and is made for your viewing with questions and online activities.
Study Web - Focusing the Web for Education - Categories of information for kids and research. American Memories (LOC) - From the Library of Congress - beautiful collection of American memories, photographs, and other online collections.
Black History Activities - Education First presents five online activities for expanding African American history in the classroom and at home. Children's Literature Web Guide - Internet resources relating to books for children and young adults.
Awesome Lists - Lists of resources that list information on the Internet. Truly awesome. Berkeley for Kids - The Berkeley Public Library for Kids - help with homework, selected sites for kids only, research advice, and more.
Poetry for Kids - Check out this great Web site and I am sure you will learn how to do poetry right! Yahooligans! - Need homework help? Visit the Yahooligans! website!
Kids Web - Links to lots of cool kid stuff for grades K-12! Chemistry Help - For the young chemists, check out this site!
B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper - Another homework helper site for those hard homework assignments! Harry Potter Webpage
Harry Potter has his own webpage now, for all those who enjoy his adventures!