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What's Underneath is an event where teens can come and show off their creative talents in an open and inviting atmosphere, whether it be reading a short poem or showing a movie that they and some of their friends put together.  It is designed as a literary sharing and film showing coffeehouse.

At our first event, in November of 2005, we served popcorn, cookies, candy, Dunkin' Donuts coffee, hot chocolate, and chocolate cake to a crowd of about fifty. At our last event, we had a great turnout as well.


The 2006 event served as the unofficial premier of Question Productions' The Greenhorn Hero and several other flicks. In 2006 we showed many videos students had created in and out of class.  We also had numerous poets, some who decided to read something they wrote on the spot as well as a couple of prose writers. There is no pressure to present material, many people just come to watch and support friends.

The 2008 event was held in the beginning of Febuary, and was another sucess!

Sound Like Fun? Then come share your creativity at our next event!  


Gallery of Photos from our 2005 event


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