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The Teen Advisory Board (a.k.a. TAB) is made up of a group of inspired teens that have a vision to make the Douglas library a more attractive place to be for young adults. We try to do things like What’s Underneath, an event where teens can come and show off their talents, whether it be reading a short poem or showing a movie that they and some of their friends put together. We also compiled a list of a motley assortment of books that our board members enjoyed.  This was done so that there would always be something interesting for you to read. Feel free to peruse the list over the summer.

TAB is just an average group of teens trying to help you out. We are always looking for a new face at our monthly meetings. You don’t have to go to RHAM, all you have to do is live in Hebron and express an interest TAB and one of the librarians will point you in our direction.

You know those pesky NHS hours that are looming over you? Well, there is a new and convenient volunteer opportunity: Join TAB! (Or if you don't want that kind of commitment, check out our Volunteer Opportunities page for other options.)









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