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This page contains a link  to the reQuest Online Library Catalog. By clicking on the card catalog picture, a separate browser page will be opened. This page is the online catalog of the Douglas Library, part of the Connecticut State Library's "reQuest Online Catalog".


When the window opens, you will see the "Search" box which will give you several options for searching. Click the arrow to view the different types of searches that may be carried out.

In the "For" box, write in the title, author, keyword etc. of the material for which you are searching.

The "In" box gives several options. To see if Douglas Library has the material you want, choose  "Here". If you'd like to check the holdings of all libraries in the state of CT which use the reQuest system, choose "Statewide".


If you would like to search the catalog of a particular library within the State of Connecticut, the following link will take you to the section of the reQuest catalog which will allow you to choose a library by name or by town. This will also open a new browser window.


If you'd like to search the libraries that use the Bibliomation circulation system, click here. In the Bibliomation system you will also be able to tell whether or not the library has a copy of the book you want available. This will open a new browser window.

Finally, here are links to other Library consortia whose catalogs are online.

CONNECT Libraries Greater Hartford area libraries. 
LEAP Library Network's GeoWeb
catalog: southwest/central greater New Haven region 
LION Library Network's web catalog
southern and southeastern Connecticut 
The CONSULS database catalogs the holdings of Central, Eastern, Southern, & Western Connecticut State Univ.Libraries, & the Connecticut State Library in Hartford

Page updated 14 Feb.,2001
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