How Do I Get A Library Card?


Please feel free to browse through the library and become familiar with the library materials, facilities and programs. If you have questions, ask one of the Library Staff. To check out materials, a valid Douglas Library card is required.

Library cards are free to all residents of Hebron and Amston. If you are a Hebron resident, and are old enough to sign your name, you may have a library card.   All that is required is identification showing your Hebron address, and if you are younger than 9th grade, a parent or guardian to sign the form.  This card can be used in the Douglas Library of Hebron and all other public libraries in Connecticut.  If you live in another Connecticut town, your hometown library card can be used in Hebron.**Please note** Library cards MUST be obtained from the library of the town in which you reside.

To get a library card everyone must fill out an application form.

Adults must apply in person and show  identification (ID) with your current address. 

High school students may use the following identification:

Children under the age of fourteen (14) do not require proof of address but must have the application form signed by a parent or guardian. Adults may not borrow material for their own use on a child's library card.

You can use your Douglas library card at any public library in CT. You are responsible for all the materials borrowed on your card and for any charges on items that are overdue, lost or damaged..

If you lose your library card, tell us right away. We will make a note in the computer so that no one can use it. .

Please let us know if you change any information you have given us so that we can update your record (i.e. address).

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