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deliverIT Changes


deliverIT is changing. State budget cuts have made it impossible to maintain the service as we presently have it. To make sure all libraries across Connecticut receive fair and equitable delivery services, the Connecticut State Library (CSL) is retooling deliverIT. The new deliverIT will provide delivery service to every library across the state up to five days a week. Each library will be able to receive no more three bins of items per day (approximately 75 books, DVDs, magazines, etc.).


In order to launch the new service, the CSL has asked all libraries to suspend deliverIT services for two weeks starting July 3rd. These two weeks have historically had low numbers in terms of items transported between and among our libraries. Our goal is to lessen the impact on our borrowers during these two weeks and then resume deliverIT service on or around July 17th.


During these two week, all items will be returned to their home libraries. CSL and library staff will be trained on the new service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the State Library by using the online form at